Olwyn Colgan was born in Co.Tyrone, Ireland and is now living in Dublin.
She graduated with a degree in Fashion and Design at the University of Ulster Belfast in 1995. She then pursued a career in London, designing for fashion company Cyberdog.

In 2000 she moved back to Ireland and began to move into a fine art tradition studying Painting, Drawing and Collage Art, bringing into her work illustration skills but also powerful dynamics from her fashion background and culture.

Her themes are often drawn from day-to-day life, including portraits, landscapes, and interiors, in which she generates visual images expressing individual identities through emotions and moods  but also combine dream-like realism and eerie subject matter.

Olwyn engages the viewer through her vibrantly coloured paintings embodying trends and emotions. At present Olwyn is employed in Arts Education and pursuing her practice in painting.